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Guardian Angel Council’s mission is to educate and improve the welfare of disadvantaged populations in the community.We strive to accomplish our mission with two programs.

The first program tackles childhood literacy.We’ve partnered with the Young Series bilingual children books to provide books to children in need.For every book that is purchased, GAC will donate a new book to a child in need.Our goal is to decrease the wide literacy gap within low-income communities and middle-upper income communities.

The second program addresses the need for minorities to join the Be the Match Registry.70% of patients in need of bone marrow, do not have a donor in their family.They depend on people like you.Bone marrow donors must be matched to very specific genetic markers which are likely to appear in donors of the same race & ethnicity. Our goal is to diversify the registry.

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As told by its Executive Director and Founder, Levi Leyba

Guardian Angel Council was founded on the belief that we can all make a difference in the world.  Each one of us has the ability to help—to help those that are at a disadvantage.

GAC’s two programs are close to my heart.  When I obtained my MBA, my final research paper was on the Impact of Early Childhood Literacy and It’s Relationship to Educational & Economic Success.  This extensive research was eye opening.  Children in low-income families were at a disadvantage even before they entered into the public school system.  And it wasn’t that parents did not want the best for their children, they just don’t have the resources readily available that middle-upper income families have.

Through the Book for Book program, with every book that is purchased through our exclusive partnership with the Young Series publisher, GAC will donate a new bilingual book to a child in need. This serves two purposes.  The child that receives a purchased bilingual children book is introduced to possibly learning another language.  The child that receives a donated bilingual children book is able to have parental involvement in their early literacy efforts by understanding and reading in their native language.

Our other program that we support is being a recruitment organization for The National Marrow Donor Program and its Be the Match Registry. I was in a position of possibly needing a bone marrow donor back in 2012.  For me, I luckily did not need a donor as the test results came back negative. In preparation for this test, I stepped back from my situation and began to search for a solution at my worst-case scenario. This is where I came upon the National Marrow Donor Program and Be The Match Registry. It is found that there was a 1 in 4 chance of having a sibling be a match. About 70% of patients that need a transplant do not have a suitable donor in their family. And in my particular instance, I was in an even more desolate position. Minorities in the Be The Match Registry make up only 30% of the registry. The reason why I paid attention to this percentage is because patients are more likely to find that lifesaving match from donors of their own ethnicity.

In 2012, Guardian Angel Council, Inc. received its 501(c)3 from the IRS as a public charity; all contributions that are received are deductible under section 170 of the code and qualified Guardian Angel Council to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts.

Thank you for being interested in hearing how GAC was formed and with how we hope to make an impact in all our communities.


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